The briefing, the starting point of any communication strategy

Would you like to improve your brand reputation? Do you want to publicize your organization? Are you looking for increasing the sales of your business? Do you launch onto the market a new product or service and you do not know how to communicate it? Do you organize an event and you want to give it visibility? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, the first step is doing a briefing.

The briefing contains all the necessary information to implement a communication project and to start working hand in hand with a PR agency or the communication department of your organization.

This report does not need to be very extensive, usually with 2 or 3 pages is enough. Its purpose is to achieve the goals that your company wants. 

Briefing structure

  • Description of the company: what do you do? What are the products or services that you sell? What is your current situation?
  • Target of the company: who is your audience? (children, youth, adults, families, men, women, persons with a particular profile…)
  • Messages: the idea that you want to receive your target and its arguments.
  • Competitors and references in the market: defining sector companies that you consider direct competitors and the organizations that you think that are a reference in the market.
  • Highlight your potential: why your company is different from the competitors? What value can you bring to the market?
  • Mission and company values: what is the philosophy of your brand?
  • Objectives: what do you like to achieve?
  • Budget (recommended): define the amount of money you want to invest is often a good guidance to direct the strategy.

With the briefing, the PR agency can know the main features of your company and what you want to achieve. After analyzing it, we prepare a proposal with different strategies to follow. Then, we start with the execution of the communication plan.

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