Support in marketing and commercial area and social networks

For some time now we have been in charge of the press office of the Swedish brand and we have contacted bloggers and influencers from the fashion, health and wellness sectors.

Since February we have also produced a fortnightly article for the blog and we are in charge of coordinating the publication of their social networks.

The blog is an effective tool to give visibility to the web and to position it in a natural way in search engines. In the articles we talk about both the brand and the sector: foot healing, heels vs flat shoes, healthy feet … to create brand image and reach our target audience.

In social networks we create a unified message of excellence of the product highlighting its qualities: comfort, comfort, attractive design, breathable material …

In addition, we offer support in the marketing and commercial areas with the sending of emails to specific databases, we plan and organize promotional campaigns to encourage the sale of ecommerce, we elaborate proposals of participation in fairs and congresses …

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