Press office for Suecos

gabinet de premsa per a suecos

The brand Suecos gets in touch with dosymedia because they want help to increase the visibility of some of their products. Suecos is a company that manufactures and designs healthy shoes for professionals and general public. They need a press office to publish a new model launched onto the market. We also support the press office with a media plan to coincide with an important event in its sector.

Together with their marketing department, we plann various adds optimizing their resources, combining print and online media which allows us to analyze results. We work in creating a press kit presentation of the brand and elaborate press releases that launch new footwear models aimed at specialized media within the health and pharmacy sector. At the same time, we contact with general media and other areas to publicize the brand and product. We also contact bloggers influencers to increase publications and act as brand specifiers. Our marketing and communication agency acts as  press office for Suecos in order to position the brand in the media and improve its reputation.

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