Marketing plan to increase sales

It is not common at all for a customer to visit you and tell you that he needs your help to create a sales marketing plan to increase sales of chicken. It is less common, still, the client tells you that their chickens are special, unique and of a higher quality than ordinary chickens to be found in any large surface (now we know it is called broiler). After carefully studying the poultry market, we realized that we had to sell a commodity (that is to say, a product whose brand is irrelevant to the consumer).

Whith Perla28, our PR agency got down to work to create a campaign to be published at the Catalan regional television. We had to make it clear to viewers that the Rei del Galliner was a premium product with superior organoleptic properties and whose chickens were bred as before: slow growth and fed only with natural products.

And finally, we opted for the humor. Here you can see the result: