How to hook your audience with your web or your networks

It is clear that today we cannot even wonder that the main engine of a company, that attracts our audience, are the social networks and the web with its blog. However, it is not enough to keep them active and update them, but it is necessary to have to be good at the task, knowing how to hook your audience who expects a bespoke content.

In order to maintain a good communication with the client it is necessary to adapt ourselves to the public, to know it, to know what it wants, what age it is and also its concerns, its objectives and its beliefs; all this is going to be important to be able to target our content. To have a good start is fundamental, to connect with the public with hook, that is to say, to start an article with some subject of his pleasure, with interesting videos, with attractive material, is going to be a success.

The duration of the content, especially the audiovisual content should not exceed two minutes more or less, it is a space of time that does not bore, tires and can be easily followed. The topic should be well summarized and exposed in a way that draws attention, containing something that engages the reader. Also, it may be crucial to insert subtitles in videos because, according to studies, audiovisual material is viewed quickly and without sound, through social networks. Putting subtitles will help create that engagement with your target audience.

Audiovisual language is an important point in communication, it must be clear, concise and concrete, it can be accompanied by signs, infographics or photos. To inform clearly, it is important to clarify, explain only what is relevant, taking into account that the reader will see the video once and will not go back to reread what has not yet understood.

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