External communication for Fellow Funders

Fellow Funders is a collective equity platform with two main objectives, on the one hand, to offer small and medium-sized companies a source of financing and, on the other hand, to offer high-growth projects to investors. The company asked dosymedia to take charge of its corporate communication services to achieve more visibility and presence within the domestic market, in other words, the external communication plan.

Our work is, therefore, to manage the external communication plan, meaning the press office and the relationship with the media to explain the model of equity crowdfunding. We also carry the social networks sharing what is said in the blog, which we also assume as a task and fill with publications about news, repercussions and the explanation of the operation of the platform.

The press office, the relationship with the media and the management of the information in these, is also asumed by dosymedia. In general, we focus on global communication facing the public. In addition, another service we offer is the planning of presentations and conferences. Oral communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is vital for the image of a company, and dosymedia is responsible for improving it in the case of Fellow Funders.