ElRubius, un gurú del marketing digital

ElRubius, a guru of digital marketing

I do not give credit. I am outraged from my perspective as a professional in communication and marketing.

El Mundo published a tendentious interview with ElRubius. You may wonder if “elrubius” is a singer? A famous sportsman? A talk show from a TV reality?

Do not.

He is a videoblogger with, hold on tight, 16 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, including my son within most teens and tweens in Spain and Latin America.

In his videos you can see him playing a video game while you can listen to his comments (that I find very funny, let’s say) or sometimes, recording himself talking about a topic related to his life.

I’m not kidding, I’m from another generation and cannot achieve to get engaged to his videos, but as professional in communication, I yield to his achievements and look at him as a guru of digital marketing who has managed to understand what new generations want.

Amancio Ortega did something similar when he understood that women no longer want to buy a dress that lasts a decade but prefer to buy more pieces of lower quality but more frequent replacement. And that, people, revolutionized the world of fashion and retail distribution. You might be Zara’s customers or not, and you might have your reasons, but certainly Ortega saw what any of his competitors did not see. He stepped forward and led the market. And I do not know any media that interviews him without giving awe to his empire.

But the elRubius interview seems to me a horror for the content and form, since the interviewer gives his personal opinion continuously, which as a reader I give a damn. This newspaper seems anchored to the past and I think this interview is disrespectful with a 25 years guy who, like it or not, has managed to excel in its sector.

It is true that readers of El Mundo are not young and maybe they like this article for the condescending tone used, but you know? They don’t have young readers now and it seems they won’t.

At the moment, elrubius has already counterattacked with a video “Tired of the press”, which in less than 15 hours has already achieved two and a half milion views.

You know … bread for today, hunger for tomorrow.

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