comunicació eficaç

Effective communication in a company

It is clear that an effective communication is essential during the day of any human being, whether a person dedicated to teaching or one that does not have contact with people at work and is dedicated to programming operating systems.

For any type of relationship,ccommunication is a basis, everyone knows it, it is obvious, since it is a firts-rate necessity, a baby communicates crying when he is hungry and a dog moves its tail to tell you that it is happy. But beyond trying to explain something, what are the keys for an effective communication?

Communicating means that the message you want to transmit arrives in the right way, so it is very important the role of the person who is in charge of external communication, meaning the display facing the public of what we want to convey.

Thus, it is necessary to take into account the different acts that are developed in a communicative sequence, the locutive act, the illocutive act and the perlocutive act. By locutive act is meant the phrase, the concept, in other words, what is said; the illocutive act is our intention, the effect with which we say things and the perlocutive act is the way it affects the receiver. It is important to know how to differentiate these parts of the communication, to know well what we say and how we say things, considering how they will affect our audience, thing that we should know.

Information is gold and not everyone is able to know how to transmit it, it is necessary, thereby, for a company to know how to communicate in a cooperative way, that is, following some maxims that will get quality to information. It is necessary to take into account the quantity maxim, to give the necessary information; The quality one, that refering that information is true; The one of belonging, it is necessary to be relevant, and the one of way, to try to be clear and not very ambiguous.

In this way, effective external communication can be guaranteed, but we must not forget the importance of internal communication, in a horizontal and not descending and hierarchical sense. The communication between the staff will be vital to communicate in an external code and to have clear corporate identity and to have a good position in the market.

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