Do you have a social network addiction?

Today we all carry a mobile phone with internet connection and we consult daily the social networks. Together we have created the need to be connected all the time, to share what we are doing and to know what are doing our friends or brands we like. Can we consider that we have addiction to social networks?

According to the survey Navegantes en la Red, published by the Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación (AIMC), almost 80% of Spanish say that they connect to social networks daily.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the pioneers where we post photos daily, we share our opinion, we share news we like … and we hope our “friends” discuss or give us the expected “like”. Even, perhaps many of you when you get up and before going to bed, take a look at social media to see what is going on there.

But … when we consider that we have a social network addiction?

Being stuck all day in the mobile and social networks can be harmful to our health if the consumption is excessive and becomes sick. If you can not disconnect at any time of the day, if you have the need to look at any time if you have a back like, or someone close to you has updated their profile, or you want to know who is are connected to the chat … when you lose control, then it appears theaddiction.

Reaching this point means that we ignore the real world and we forget our daily obligations: the studies, work, family, friends… to end up living in an imaginary world that absorbs us that much that we stop living our lives. If you find yourself in this situation you have an addiction problem that surely causes you stress and anxiety of compulsive need to connect at all hours.

Our advice: do not let social networks control your life, i’ts you who is in charge and who should decide where to go at all times. Take advantage of being connected to social networks to be informed of what is happening around you (without becoming obsessed). Gets in touch with your childhood friends, hold more frequent contact with your beloved ones that live far from where you live, Let’s know offers and news from the brands you love … Have a responsible use of social networks and capitalise on it, keep away the health problems.

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