Communicate the values of Dale Carnegie

At the end of 2016, the managers of Dale Carnegie in Barcelona and Madrid came in contact with dosymedia because they wanted to communicate the values of prestige and experience of their brand to the public.

Our marketing and communication agency is responsible for creating a coherent and consistent message in all levels. We work on the relationship with the media through the press office with the aim of gaining notoriety, increase the prestige of the brand and position it within the sector. We propose media partner, advertising and relational marketing actions through the media plan, with the intention of disseminating the Dale Carnegie method to the maximum possible population. In addition, we focus on social media as a direct and daily communication channel with the target audience of Dale Carnegie and through which we achieve their loyalty and even win new followers.

All this information we transfer to citizens through the various channels and actions we have detailed above has a common approach: communicate the values of the Dale Carnegie brand in order to create a unique identity and be able to differentiate it from its competition.