Celestial marketing

When I started writing this blog I promised myself not to talk about any topic related to politics or religion because after all, this is a professional blog about our adventures in the world of marketing and communication, and my ideas and values have no place nor interest.

Well, today November 18, I will eat my own words as I write about the Pope Francisco.

I am not a devotee, no sir, but this Argentine on white robe has stunned and amazed me. Never before a pope had captivated in so little time to press, parishioners and recalcitrant atheists.

His vision of marketing and communication and public appearances are worthy of the Pentagon’s communication cabinet for the accuracy and naturalness they are staged with.

The last appearance during the Angelus prayer at the Vatican Square is worth enough to applause and acclaim. A merchandising display with advertising concept to Ease the burden of good parishioner : Medicine ” misericordina “.

I can not describe it. See it for yourself . Amen!

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