What is content marketing?

Sure you have heard the term “content marketing” or might have also heard “inbound marketing”.

It is increasingly common to use strategies based on generating certain useful and interesting content for your target, in order to generate a positive perception of the brand content. That is content marketing.

To do so, different channels are used to attract potential customers. Blogs, social networks, specialized forums or websites are just some of them.

In addition, the updated content helps generating traffic to the site and therefore improves the SEO positioning of the company or entity.

Versus traditional mass advertising which “shouts” everyone the same message, content marketing seeks to address only to a specific audience niche supplying them information of interest.

In this way it is possible to unite a brand or product to the community and build confidence to consumers.

A practical example:

I have a few years old car and I’m thinking of changing it. In the 90’s I would have visited several dealerships and would have expected the salesman to attend me. Therefore, the car brand had all the eggs in one basket about my purchasing decision, which rested squarely on the skills and expertise of the sales force.

But as we are in 2015, I must confess that in just 15 days I have become an expert on engines, exchange rates and finishes of the 4 models that fit my needs. I know practically everything about their browser, their behavior in city and highway, their consumption and performance. All of it without moving from the sofa thanks to comparative tables, test videos and articles published in the brands website and others’ pages.

When I finally visit the dealership, I’ll have made a decision that will only depend on the final price they can offer. Thus, the brand will captivate and convince me in a little intrusive way. Therein lies the crux of the matter.

Conversations with a biochemical about packaging

You could not imagine in a million years, the science behind every product that you find in a supermarket, what we know as packaging.

Just a few days ago, in a meeting, I had the opportunity to speak to a biochemist. A scientist in a white coat and a certain air to Einstein that handles the daily production control of a company specialized in products made of fruit. His obsession to guarantee the conservation, traceability and quality of the product leads him to an almost unhealthy obsession.

We keep surreal arguments on molecular compositions, microbiology or technical processes to determine marketinian claims for packaging designs. Finding the midpoint between what the consumers will understand when they are in front of the supermarket shelves reading the label of a product and what a biochemist wants to explain, believe me, is a difficult task.

The, I asked him the following question:

-Imagine that I want to buy a jar of jam. I have two options:  first, I can go to a supermarket and buy a traditional jam from a multinational name. This jam will have gone through all control systems of process and traceability, additives are contemplated in labeling in accordance with the rules, during the processing all unimaginable hygienic measures will be taken (controlled atmospheres, air filtering, metal detectors, artificial vision machines, X-rays, deep, regular and patterned cleanings to every millimeter at the production rooms, special and aseptic clothing for the plant staff, pasteurization processes, strict regulations on flooring and walls material, continuous pest control…), isn’t it?

-All Right.

-On the other hand I can go to one of those traditional markets where artisans sell handmade jam jars, water bath sealed and labeled with a beautiful handwritten label. Because the ‘eco’ culture, which is taking root in society since some years ago, has also permeated me.


– If I compare the two jars of jam I can get lots of information (sorry, all the information) about the jam from the supermarket. However, I know almost nothing about the other. What hygiene guarantees were used during processing? How do I know where the fruit comes from or what sulfates were used?

-Okay. You just don’t know. But it is an emotional purchase.

Desperately looking wifi

I am one of those who goes with the office in tow. I am one of those who looks for a quiet coffee place to work between one meeting and other, I sit down to a quiet table with my laptop, cell phone and a cup of tea. I am one of those who, before going in, even before saying good morning, I ask in a despairing look “Have you got wifi?”

I am one of those who, with a plug in my hand, scans the base perimeter of the room searching for an energy shot for my pocket technology batteries.

I am one of those who looks for a waiter or waitress to mercilessly bomb him pointing the keyboard: “Excuse me, which is the password?”

However today I’ve found someone much smarter than me who has realized how to get media profit from wifi-alcoholic like me. A great, cheap and surely effective idea.

I’ll let you know:

A blessed FREE-WIFI promises local users quiet hours of navigation, but once connected, something happens when downloading email messages. I press several times the “send and receive” button, stunned, unbelievable. Suspicious of so magnanimous problem, I open the browser to test if, indeed, I can access the internet, and there it is, oh my god, there’s the wonderful idea: in front of me it appears the Facebook page of the coffee shop where I am, with a nice message inviting me kindly to a virtual “like” exchange to access Wi-Fi.

So since today I’m fan of the locals by interest. I’m open to receive promotions and news at my own consent and do not hesitate in receiving more convenience relationships in the future.

Because, after all, if Paris was worth a mass, Free Wi-Fi is worth a “Like”, isn’t it?


During these last days I do nothing but read editorials on September. All are dedicated to the return to routine, the holiday end, the end of the rest period … all with a bit of aftertaste and somewhat sorry for something that has been lost.

I read, then, an article in a women’s magazine (sorry, I do not remember which one) in which the author thought the same as me: that September is actually the beginning of the year.

In September everything starts, everything is new and everything changes. The month of January is just a mirror image of the previous month that only needs to change the number of the date. I am one of those who takes time to get used to it, and, as a child, my papers were full of erasures until mid-April.

– We are no longer in 87 but in 88!!! – the mate next to me told me.

The month of September is a great month full of expectations, premieres and firm promises to yourself (if they are done or not, that’s another story), it is a month of butterflies in my stomach, with a touch of vertigo and expectation to situations or challenges we will have to face.

So, like when I was a child, I take a glance with curiosity my brand new backpack to go back to my real life after a hiatus of rest.


The disquieting idea from Rajoy that benefited dosymedia

For almost a year, dosymedia is working for a crowdlending company called Arboribus . Crowdlending is a new financial alternative to banking that allows investors to invest the amount they choose, at the interest rate they choose and in the project they want.

On 28 February, a Draft Law was submitted (as always, fast and bad) that seeks to regulate the Finance Participatory Platforms including arboribus as one affected. So now, we have a Draft Bill that is far from their European counterparts and brakes the possibility for this sector to grow with other countries.

In dosymedia we saw this topical issue as an unexpected opportunity . We spent 5 days stuck on the phone with the editors of the major media in the country to explain the severity of the draft and positioning the two co- founders of arboribus as experts in this field (after all, they are the ones who have formalized uptoday , almost 300,000 euros in loans, and have received and loan applications worth more than 6 million euros) .

The result was 2 television interviews , 8 interviews to newspaper editors and 2 written several articles that fueled economic forums and portals.

In short, this is a good example of a press office work accurately executed and just on time. Thank you very much Mr. Rajoy, but seriously, check this law.

Artful ideas

You know, I’ve always been amused by TV shows which offer prizes to the most ingenious inventions, where strange guys with ridiculous gadgets explain the wonders of their shrewd idea.

Then I curl up on my sofa and rub my hands waiting the entertaining defense of any useless gossip. The contestant in question begins with a passionate speech about the virtues of, for example, a bicycle without pedals to walk (only much more uncomfortable). Judge for yourselves:


Anyway, today Forbes publishes an article that has made me think.


For God’s sake! That itself is a great invention. My partner has already broken three glass of his iphone with consequent discussions “you’re a big hand! “, then buying a back cover and paying 150 euros to replace the fragmented screen.

Lords of Apple, buy that patent without hesitation. Believe me, without hesitation.

In the blink of an eye

And so, out of the blue, we get to the last days of the year. In the blink of an eye!

For some strange reason days , months and years go on faster, and perhaps is that Christmas makes me nostalgic , but I only want to remember the warm days of summer that are left so far away on the calendar, but however so near in my memory.

This summer, I came across the novel WONDER by RJ Palacio. I think I started it and finished it in less than 48 hours. I liked it so much and taught me so much I decided to read it again with my pre -teen son. And so, we spent some summer days: preparing a small backpack with some water and the book and moving into the forest where we found a little house on top of a tree. That was our secret corner, a makeshift library at top of a walnut tree, where we read aloud the story of August ( a 12 -year usual boy but with an unusual face).

August and the other actors taught us a lot, we discussed about life and peer relationships, however, above all , printed to the summer of 2013 many enriching hours that bind us forever.

And so, I say goodbye to this special year full of personal and professional challenges. As you will surely have to do a Christmas gift, I recommend this wonderful book.

Happy 2014 entry!

Celestial marketing

When I started writing this blog I promised myself not to talk about any topic related to politics or religion because after all, this is a professional blog about our adventures in the world of marketing and communication, and my ideas and values have no place nor interest.

Well, today November 18, I will eat my own words as I write about the Pope Francisco.

I am not a devotee, no sir, but this Argentine on white robe has stunned and amazed me. Never before a pope had captivated in so little time to press, parishioners and recalcitrant atheists.

His vision of marketing and communication and public appearances are worthy of the Pentagon’s communication cabinet for the accuracy and naturalness they are staged with.

The last appearance during the Angelus prayer at the Vatican Square is worth enough to applause and acclaim. A merchandising display with advertising concept to Ease the burden of good parishioner : Medicine ” misericordina “.

I can not describe it. See it for yourself . Amen!

Damn Murphy’s Law!

Murphy’s Law attempts to explain the misfortunes which one lives daily. Today at dosymedia we have witnessed that if something can go wrong (however remote it may seem the cause) believe me … it will go wrong.

You see, we work in the communication of a real estate developer and we had some pictures taken of a furniture house as a sample. So far, so good. These photographs were taken at different points of the house and one of them was the living room where there was a television. No objection.

The photographer suddenly decides that photographing a stay with the TV off makes no sense, or aesthetic , nor evokes warmth so he switches on the tv and starts to shoot photos.

With these and other photos we elaborate different communication tools that are designed in various sizes as appropriate bracket (just a few inches if it is a banner on a website but several meters if it is a perimeter fence at street level) .

But let’s see … how many chances we had the photographer to switch on the TV on a news channel? How many possibilities that the news was about an eviction, for God’s sake? And how many possibilities, to make things even worse, to capture just the moment with the overprinted label with the text “Suicide by eviction”? Damn!

On the computer screen it was priceless, but we were bowlegged when we saw the image in real zoom on the 10 meters fence.

Mr. Murphy, Go to hell!

Training sport comfortably

This weekend I was lucky to rest in a luxury hotel next to a golf course. I have never played this sport and an injure in my left ankle stopped me to have the chance of starting this time.

Once there, I went into shock. You see, I do not know much about this sport, except about the Open that is ocassionally broadcasted on television in which it appears burly golfers with gentleman gestures and an air of triumph.

But there was none. Instead, throughout the weekend I saw mature men and women who, wearing polo shirts and plaid shorts, bustled from side to side of the lawn.

They were, mostly, European marriages in years (men with guts and pure and women with visor and expensive brand sunglasses) who moved from one place to another with no apparent hurry. And as much as I looked at them, I could not see how and when they “played sport”.

I know, people say that golf is walking so much because of the enormous areas between holes, but the fact is that they moved in those two-seater electric cars. So the effort was reduced to plant their buttocks on the seat and activate the muscle of the right foot to press the accelerator.
They can also tell me that bustle with steel golf bag includes an effort but the fact is that the bags currently lead wheels and an electric motor to pull them.

Instead, it’s funny, the terrace bar of the golf club was full of the “athlets” who drank beer and took snacks in the warm September sun.

I do not argue that golf is a sport, but it is certainly one of the most comfortable sports I know.