Brand visibility for UNNAX

Visibilidad de marca para UNNAX

UNNAX is a company born in January of 2016 to offer advanced global solutions in the management of the finances for the medium and large companies. Its founders have contacted dosymedia because they wanted to get brand visibility and make themselves known in the national market.

From our communication and marketing agency, we are working with press office and media relations. Being a startup of new creation that starts with the Bank concept as a service, implanted in the United States, first of all, it is necessary to make known what is its concept of business and what are its advantages. So the strategy we have chosen is part of an initial pedagogy to the media and the general public to explain what the products and services that this innovative company offers and what benefits can bring them in their day to day. Through the press office we will get media echo, brand visibility, increase its prestige and a good positioning within the finance sector.

The press office is complemented by the creation of a page on LinkedIn, the main social network for professionals, with the aim of reinforcing the image and brand visibility on Internet. The revision of the content, the form and the design of the web are used with the intention to contribute to a better positioning in Google and other search engines, to make it more attractive and to do it easier to the user.