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7 steps to write a great article for your blog

A blog is a good way of communication and to share knowledge and experiences. More and more companies, organizations, institutions and professionals on an individual basis are betting on this medium. And you, do you know how to write a great article for your blog? We explained 7 basic tips to get you started. Think […]

Do you have a social network addiction?

Today we all carry a mobile phone with internet connection and we consult daily the social networks. Together we have created the need to be connected all the time, to share what we are doing and to know what are doing our friends or brands we like. Can we consider that we have addiction to […]

Effective communication in a company

It is clear that an effective communication is essential during the day of any human being, whether a person dedicated to teaching or one that does not have contact with people at work and is dedicated to programming operating systems. For any type of relationship,ccommunication is a basis, everyone knows it, it is obvious, since it is a firts-rate […]