7 steps to write a great article for your blog

A blog is a good way of communication and to share knowledge and experiences. More and more companies, organizations, institutions and professionals on an individual basis are betting on this medium. And you, do you know how to write a great article for your blog? We explained 7 basic tips to get you started.

  1. Think about a topic that will interest your readers. Knowing your audience is crucial when you start a writing. What are your concerns? What needs do they have? What does your audience like?
  2. The title should explain the topic of the article, capture the reader’s attention and contain the keyword. The title phrase is responsible for making the reader decide whether or not to read the article below. You can approach it in the form of a question or an affirmative sentence. The title, in addition, must contain the key word, that is to say, that word or words that the reader will write in its search engine so that as a result you leave your article.
  3. Treat the reader with an informal attention. A close treatment is more direct and personal and engages a lot more, since it is more natural than treating them in a formal way.
  4. Highlight some phrases in your article. To lighten the reading, it is advisable to highlight sentences within the article, either within the same text or in the form of subtitles. The highlighted words help the reader to get an idea of what to do next and, at the same time, make the reading more enjoyable.
  5. Select a descriptive image. We all know the phrase “an image is worth a thousand words” and the article of our blog must be accompanied by a photography that explains with a glance what the article is about.
  6. Repeat the keyword twice or three times within the article. To get a good indexing of the article in search engines is very important to repeat within the text the word or keywords (which we have put in the title) distributed by the different paragraphs of the text.
  7. Pay attention to the closing of the article. At the end of your article, make a brief summary of the theme you have tried to reinforce the reason why you started.

Now you know the 7 steps to write a good article for your blog and to build little by little your personal virtual brand or the company, organization or institution you work for. So, it’s time to think about what you want to talk about … let’s type!

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