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5 reasons to hire a marketing agency

Do you remember the old Western movies? I’ve always loved those characters perched on a cart shouting the virtues of miraculous products, with an impressive verbiage, who were able to sell a hair grows to anyone.

These were the forerunners of marketing.  But only they had two great advantages: the first one is that the American plains of Nineteenth century had no major competitors (it could be weeks or even months before another peddler passed through the same town, so any offer must have seemed an unparalleled opportunity). The second advantage was the communication channel they counted with. It was enough to park the cart in the middle of the dusty town, make some noise or draw attention to a jumping monkey, and voilà! The message came completely to the target audience.

But, unfortunately, we are in the Twenty-first century and every day we are faced with a jungle of advertising, sponsorships, social networking requirements, adds on buses, offers that enter into our inbox, flyers in mailboxes, banners and pop-ups while surfing Internet, stoppers on the shelves of supermarkets, discounts checks of our favorite shops …

I guess you understand that I totally defend the recommendation to outsource your company’s communication, and to hire professionals specialized in marketing to help you tidy up your communication. Essentially, because of these five reasons:

  1. Knowledge of the tools and communication channels on which to base a campaign.
  2. The ability to establish order and strategy and based on the real needs of the customer.
  3. Experience in detecting opportunities to identify and reach the target who will purchase the product or service.
  4. Ability to provide a realistic, objective and external view, untainted by the daily.
  5. The costs of outsourcing the department of communication and marketing are usually lower than the incorporation of qualified professional staff.

So, if you want us to lend you a hand, no more to say. Here we are

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