If no market, no business, the law of every enterpreneur

Yes, this is the fundamental law of every entrepreneur. Some people are born with the gift to detect market needs before anyone else and that makes them gurus and visionaries.

One of my favorite examples is Steve Jobs, who managed to create products that, in most of his presentations I felt they were completely useless gadgets, and they ended up becoming real hits that other brands were quick to copy (see the ubiquitous tablets currently used for all).

There are also those who believe themselves gurus but their product does not meet the real needs of the market or are really stupid. And then, finally, there is the Japanese market that my Western mind is very far from understanding. A few days ago I found a curious Japanese company that rents IKEMESOS or “boys who comfort you when you cry after work.”

Do you believe it?

A website allows you to rent, for some yens, a boy during an hour who hugs you and dries your tears gently. And oh! The service is tailored to the desires of the tenant: a dentist, a “yankii”, a cool guy …
You see, the idea is simple, paying a stranger to dry your tears after a day withstanding your boss.

Sorry I can’t confirm if the idea of this business is thriving because I don’t know the Japanese market, but I promise to investigate.

Meanwhile, here is the link to see the offer of Ikemesos: http://ikemeso-office.com/