7 tips to appear in the media

What is known as press office is precisely convert the daily activities of a company in news for the media.
It is not easy to appear in the media but not impossible. It’s a matter of learning how to attract the attention of journalists, how to relate with them, and what to do for them to write or talk about you. Appearing as informational content in a media can bring the company major visibility than an advertising campaign, in addition to reputation, improving your brand image and positioning as a leading company in its sector. This is important because it reinforces the confidence of its customers and consumers.

As a starting point, you have some guidelines to appear in the media so they can talk about your company.

  1. A good press release: This is not just a text that is sent to all journalists, but the presentation of a story, converting the daily life of your business in an event, a media event. The press release should carry a specific format, with a clear and objective writing, they are drafted so as to provide as much information in few words and the most relevant data are arranged in headlines and first few lines. Do not forget that a press release is an informative text that is sent to be published without payment, so it should be interesting.
  2. Proper communication policy: advertisements have lost much of their credit, the content of the messages do not come and it has lost their effectiveness. But if it is incorporated into a global communications plan and is complemented by a press office, it will be more effective. It is important to study which is the best strategy for each specific need in order to get better results in the media.
  3. Prepare and plan the press office: although initially it may seem that you are not writing and sending press releases and thus wasting opportunities, it is just the opposite. It is important to first define which are the media you’re interested in appear in, which is the target, what message we want to give, and which is the goal of appearing in the media. And take the opportunity to create a press kit, a document that presents the company to the media that the agency sends to journalists when contacting them.
  4. Identify objectionable content out in the media: All companies can generate interesting content for the media, the aim is to identify the likely content out in the media. In this case the external point of view, experience and professionalism of a PR agency is key to differentiate what the company considers news than what it really is. In addition, the agency will tell you how to present it to the media so that it captures their attention and interest and draw attention to an important message.
  5. Differentiate from the competition: knowing which is the communication of your competition and analyzing it is basic to find our differential value. Thus, we can provide content of interest to the journalist and detect the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. It is to take action and be active in the media so that our potential customers find us before they find our competition.
  6. Find the reporter who can write about your company: select where to send the press release. Investigate what section would fit the statement, and tailor the message if we can fit into more than one type of medium. We also have many different themes and media field, so you have to classify and detect what may be interested in publishing about our company. Quality is more important than quantity.
  7. A good spokesperson: a person who can attend the media is important because it will be the face and voice of your company. A good spokesperson can be formed following a few tips and guidelines. Good presence and good corporate photographs will make the journalist to devote more space to the news, and especially in printed print media is a really interesting factor to consider.

In short, it’s about generating interest and impressing the journalist either with current actions, proximity actions, telling a fact, causing intrigue, innovating, creating controversy or thrilling.
Therefore, we recommend you to get advice of a specialized PR agency, who knows how to detect the news, write them, get to the journalist and achieve media coverage. The PR agency meets patterns, processes, has a good database of journalists, has the right contacts and above all, because it devotes all its time to get your company to appear in the media as a reference.