Desperately looking wifi

I am one of those who goes with the office in tow. I am one of those who looks for a quiet coffee place to work between one meeting and other, I sit down to a quiet table with my laptop, cell phone and a cup of tea. I am one of those who, before going in, even before saying good morning, I ask in a despairing look “Have you got wifi?”

I am one of those who, with a plug in my hand, scans the base perimeter of the room searching for an energy shot for my pocket technology batteries.

I am one of those who looks for a waiter or waitress to mercilessly bomb him pointing the keyboard: “Excuse me, which is the password?”

However today I’ve found someone much smarter than me who has realized how to get media profit from wifi-alcoholic like me. A great, cheap and surely effective idea.

I’ll let you know:

A blessed FREE-WIFI promises local users quiet hours of navigation, but once connected, something happens when downloading email messages. I press several times the “send and receive” button, stunned, unbelievable. Suspicious of so magnanimous problem, I open the browser to test if, indeed, I can access the internet, and there it is, oh my god, there’s the wonderful idea: in front of me it appears the Facebook page of the coffee shop where I am, with a nice message inviting me kindly to a virtual “like” exchange to access Wi-Fi.

So since today I’m fan of the locals by interest. I’m open to receive promotions and news at my own consent and do not hesitate in receiving more convenience relationships in the future.

Because, after all, if Paris was worth a mass, Free Wi-Fi is worth a “Like”, isn’t it?