The disquieting idea from Rajoy that benefited dosymedia

For almost a year, dosymedia is working for a crowdlending company called Arboribus . Crowdlending is a new financial alternative to banking that allows investors to invest the amount they choose, at the interest rate they choose and in the project they want.

On 28 February, a Draft Law was submitted (as always, fast and bad) that seeks to regulate the Finance Participatory Platforms including arboribus as one affected. So now, we have a Draft Bill that is far from their European counterparts and brakes the possibility for this sector to grow with other countries.

In dosymedia we saw this topical issue as an unexpected opportunity . We spent 5 days stuck on the phone with the editors of the major media in the country to explain the severity of the draft and positioning the two co- founders of arboribus as experts in this field (after all, they are the ones who have formalized uptoday , almost 300,000 euros in loans, and have received and loan applications worth more than 6 million euros) .

The result was 2 television interviews , 8 interviews to newspaper editors and 2 written several articles that fueled economic forums and portals.

In short, this is a good example of a press office work accurately executed and just on time. Thank you very much Mr. Rajoy, but seriously, check this law.