In the blink of an eye

And so, out of the blue, we get to the last days of the year. In the blink of an eye!

For some strange reason days , months and years go on faster, and perhaps is that Christmas makes me nostalgic , but I only want to remember the warm days of summer that are left so far away on the calendar, but however so near in my memory.

This summer, I came across the novel WONDER by RJ Palacio. I think I started it and finished it in less than 48 hours. I liked it so much and taught me so much I decided to read it again with my pre -teen son. And so, we spent some summer days: preparing a small backpack with some water and the book and moving into the forest where we found a little house on top of a tree. That was our secret corner, a makeshift library at top of a walnut tree, where we read aloud the story of August ( a 12 -year usual boy but with an unusual face).

August and the other actors taught us a lot, we discussed about life and peer relationships, however, above all , printed to the summer of 2013 many enriching hours that bind us forever.

And so, I say goodbye to this special year full of personal and professional challenges. As you will surely have to do a Christmas gift, I recommend this wonderful book.

Happy 2014 entry!