Damn Murphy’s Law!

Murphy’s Law attempts to explain the misfortunes which one lives daily. Today at dosymedia we have witnessed that if something can go wrong (however remote it may seem the cause) believe me … it will go wrong.

You see, we work in the communication of a real estate developer and we had some pictures taken of a furniture house as a sample. So far, so good. These photographs were taken at different points of the house and one of them was the living room where there was a television. No objection.

The photographer suddenly decides that photographing a stay with the TV off makes no sense, or aesthetic , nor evokes warmth so he switches on the tv and starts to shoot photos.

With these and other photos we elaborate different communication tools that are designed in various sizes as appropriate bracket (just a few inches if it is a banner on a website but several meters if it is a perimeter fence at street level) .

But let’s see … how many chances we had the photographer to switch on the TV on a news channel? How many possibilities that the news was about an eviction, for God’s sake? And how many possibilities, to make things even worse, to capture just the moment with the overprinted label with the text “Suicide by eviction”? Damn!

On the computer screen it was priceless, but we were bowlegged when we saw the image in real zoom on the 10 meters fence.

Mr. Murphy, Go to hell!