Daily press

In summer it is a pleasure for me to get up late, walk up to the nearest Kiosk and buy the daily press. Newspapers are noticeably thinner, yes, but I can turn the pages slowly while hearing the sound of the enormous sheets of paper.

And then I can stop and enjoy the opinion articles of my favorite columnists, unhurried …

A sip of soda with two cubes tinkling.

I wonder why when I get to the obituaries I get a glance and a half. I never did before. Maybe an unconscious calculation of the average age of life expectancy.

Shit! Gee Whiz! the breeze has unfolded the sheets and they are now a bunch of paper somewhat messy. Never mind. I recompose or so. (Note: I intend to watch my language and re-use the words and expressions of the films of the 50s that have always seemed fun and elegant, such as “tuercebotas, Pelanas, meapilas” …)

I have so much fun with the add promotions. All newspapers are struggling to encourage their readers to collect coupons in order to get cough summer gadgets: baskets, slippers, beach towels, bracelets, sunglasses, picnic baskets, coolers …Is only a matter of time before we get a nuclear rocket!

Another sip.

And meanwhile, we get to the center pages where we can almost always enjoy a good dose of hearsay and gossip. I love that part. Pompous yachts, roasted sunbathed bodies, fleeting loves, Bourbons keeping up appearances and star-systems without makeup or photoshop.

Where’s the pencil? Where the hell did I leave the pencil? Today’s sudoku seems easy …
And so, between the pages of the press a summer morning goes by. Simple, happy, nothing more.