Raving mad

Today I woke up restless, drenched in sweat and with a terrible feeling when you have a nightmare and you can not free yourself from the feeling of anguish.

The day is cold, somewhat gray and sky has a red stripe.

I take a sip of water.

My companion on the other side of the bed looks at me sleepy.

– I’ve dreamed it again.

– What?

– The usual! That giant wave that ….

He laughs … and Igo for a shower.

Since I can remember, I have a recurring dream: I am relaxed on a happy beach near the shore and suddenly a huge wave comes towards me relentless.

Then the sequences start to a frenzied pace, with an accelerating heart of the very own Jason Bourne trying to save his life.

I run and I think, make decisions quickly to save myself and the ones around me. My hands sweat and my heart beats as if it was hammered by 150 drummers in procession. I hate it.

I guess Freud would say I’m a chronic case of staff unhinged, I’m raving mad, or he would say I have a conflict that remains unresolved.

I wonder who achieves to solve all their conflicts in life and shelve all their problems. It is said that nightmares are an outlet for our mind to stay alert and attentive.

We will remain vigilant,then, at night in the darkness of the room.


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