To be a princess is not a career

Do the test: gather any toys catalogue, which by this time come to your hands, or visit any toy or children’s section of a department store. Surely you will realize that a rose and violet tide floods your retinas.

I always wondered why everything about under 12 female is pink colour, in its full range of colors, mixed with violet and full of tacky glitter (that’s the worst). This inelegant trend is not only palpable in toys but extends on shoes, sportswear, stationery, bags, accessories … I realized this when, last year, my little nephew asked me a stroller to walk his bear for his four years birthday.I had to walk and visit several toy stores to find one of a half-normal color.

I can not understand, marketing gentlemen of large corporate toy stores, why insist on “princessize” the poor creatures and I’ve discovered that someone else seems to have realize it. The children’s program “Sesame Street” has invited the U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, who stars in a funny dialogue with one of the characters to teach her the meaning of the word “career.”

– “A career is a job that you prepare for and that you plan to do for a long time,” says Sotomayor to a cheesy pink Muppet named Abby. – “I want a career as a princess,” Abby replied. “Playing princess is fun – the Judge clears her- but not a career. You can study and prepare to be a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer or even a scientific.”

Take note gentlemen from Mattel , take note …