Back to the future

Digging up old photo albums, one realizes how much he has lived, how much has changed and the many things he has left behind. Still, when I look at the photos yellowed by over time I always recognize an unflappable feature of myself that I keep indelible in spite of the years gone. I could not explain it, but there are features that are never cleared and looks that do not change.

Undoubtedly, social networks have facilitated to contact again with my schoolmates, whom my mind had filed with images tagged as “girls of 8 years.” When I look at some current image (touching 40) I can not believe they look as they looked before, and in some cases, their children are a faithful copy of the image I kept in my retina.

A photographer from Argentina called Irina Werning has failed to show that the essence of human beings never changes. With a current camera, much props and costume work, and the help of some tweaks that mimic computer and optical equipment revealed the 70’s, she achieves some lucky to “return to the future.”

The result is, at least, curious.