Summer will always be summer

Once again, summer and holidays begin. The time for ourselves, for long talks, to escape the routine, to walk barefoot on the sand, to visit distant cities or for lounging. It’s time to enlarge the hours or to leave the watch apart and savor every moment of the day and longlasting nights.

This summer I’ll flee from phrases like “what a situation are we living” and I’ll get away. Maybe it’s not the best time to travel to distant lands or to visit wonderful hotels but, who cares?

Personally, I just need to be near my family and friends, a tasty omelette, iced tea and a good book.

Here are two literary recommendations for this summer:

LIFE AFTER (Planet 2011) by Marta Rivera de la Cruz. A fun and easy book that tells the story of a girl of thirties, Victoria, who lives in New York, teaches at the university, married to a rich man and a stunning penthouse. Upon receiving the news of the death of Jan, her best friend, she returns to Madrid to attend the funeral. There she finds Chloe, former lover of Jan, with her daughter, the rebel Solange, with Marga, his wife, with her mother, Shirley… Four women who never believed that her friendship with Jan was quite sincere.

TELL ME ABOUT ME (Plaza & Janes) by Julia Navarro. A scheming story with historical touches. A reporter receives a proposal to investigate the life of his great-grandmother, Amelia Garayoa, the only thing they know is that she fled Spain before the civil war began, leaving her husband and son. He will have to dive in the past, reconstructing the life of Amelia since its inception.