Is it destiny or just pure chance?

Although B, R and M are three women of thirties, with very different lives and personal stories of various kinds, they are all great professionals, independent and with a lot in common.

A few days ago I shared with them (my friends) a momentous conversation about the fate and chance, probably aided by the wine cups and lids that we had with us at that time.

Each of them recounted a chapter of their lives and how fate had intervened in situations for better or for worse. In any case, defending a “written future” impossible to change that I did not share.

This morning, I remembered this conversation by reading in the press an article about the speech that Michael Lewis did at Princeton. Financial journalist and author of Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World“, he said that “People do not like their personal success to be explained by the role that luck played in their lives. Especially those who have gone further. They like to think that their victory was inevitable. They are unwilling to admit the role played by chance”.

Lewis told students that the fact of being in Princeton was the result of an arbitrary situation. You’re lucky to have the parents you have, to have been born in this country, to be in a place like Princeton where you can meet other people and so lucky to be even more fortunate,” he concluded.

No doubt the speech was brilliant and even I admit it has a point. Still, fate and chance are brought about by ourselves and my three friends are a clear example of personal growth and strength to overcome bitter drinks, fall and get up again.