Communication and marketing campaign for La Cocinera of the group Nestlé

dosymedia carried out the new communication and marketing campaign for La Cocinera of the group Nestlé for Mother’s Day 2012.

Call me perfeccionist, but…

Granted, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to copywriting. Often I find myself locating spelling mistakes on restaurant menus, on posters in the street or on advertisements in the media. I analyze grammatical errors, I correct punctuation in sentences and I am very meticulous on matters relating to writing … and I cannot help it.

Therefore, I fail to understand how the official website of an organization such as the Government of the Generalitat may be published with such elementary mistakes in English translation. The Government has a department of communication and therefore I can’t conceive that the text hasn’t been reviewed before publication. The automatic translator is, without any doubt, a good tool, but it serves as a basis for a linguist, translator or specialist in communication to review and edit the text. I could understand there was a spelling mistake or grammatical expression, but posting an entire website in English without any review shows not only unprofessional but also damages the image of those of us who dedicate to communication since long ago, and of course damages the image of the Government. Personally it causes me an indignation that I can’t express in words, and I would not like to imagine what would happen if I did something similar with the texts of my clients.

I attach some links to media which echoed the news, focusing primarily on anecdotes in the translation of proper names, such as the President Mas for President More: