The damn love story

To be honest, at first, bloggers seemed to me a little freak because, after all, anyone could write about any hobby, and not for this, it should be considered “journalism.” Big mistake, influence of old traditions of my professional field, I guess … I humbly retract this view.

They are, without doubt, brand and product specifiers, authentic scholars and opinion leaders. So much, that some of the media, say that “traditional”, have signed bloggers to speak and give their valuable opinions on issues of fashion, life, travel, cooking or any topic you can think of.

I am currently an assiduous and confessed reader of some bloggs of various kinds that keep me abreast of topics of interest to me beyond a neutral news.

Recently, in a corner of the platform, I discovered a little treasure of literature that has become my bedside. “Manual del buen vividor” written by “el Guardián entre el centeno” is a blog about life written with a delicacy that catches me and evades me. You see … Free literature, you can read anywhere, that accompanies you at any time and enriches the soul.

The last of his post is absolutely delicious. For all those that, sometimes, have felt that way: Yo también puedo escribir una jodida historia de amor. (I can also write a damn love story).