Sell a microwave 20 years after being novelty

You’ll see … Our profession requires us to represent the brand or product of our customer and make it interesting enough for the media. Sometimes this is very complicated if the message or idea is confusing and difficult to explain or, just,if the client does not offer anything new or remarkable to his target.

This happened to the agency Saatchi & Saatchi when their customer ordered a campaign to sell a microwave. I can imagine the creative biting his nails to find how to “sell” a microwave. A microwave? that was new in 80, damn it!

Far from giving up,they came up with this campaign … a lesson that we aim to always find a differential value for our customers.

An excellent performance, and yet… a shame

I had the opportunity, this week, to go and see The Nutcracker at the Coliseum Theatre in Barcelona. I’m not a great understanding in classical ballet, but I like it since I have use of reason, so if I get the chance, I do not hesitate to seeing it.

On this occasion, the company was the Russian State Ballet of Rostov. The artistic performance was excellent, the choreography, to the height, the staging, amazing, the show quality, very good, and of course the music of Tchaikovsky and Ivanov, fabulous. Even with my limited knowledge of the world of ballet, I could appreciate and enjoy the precision of the jumps, the lightness of each of the movements, and the fabulous interpretation of the protagonists.

However, the highlight was the extreme thinness of the girl dancers. All but two of them, it was difficult to understand how the bodies of these dancers could move, even with grace and lightness. Their appearance was not healthy, without doubt, because you could appreciate each and every one of the bones of the arms, neck, shoulders, back and chest. If we add the makeup shades-white, the style of a Japanese geisha, the image was eerie.

Even the clothes could disguise such a lack of curves. I understand that girl dancers are tall and thin, even very thin, but what I witnessed was not at all pretty. It was a shame, because all the comments I heard – and myself ‘s – both at intermission and at the end of the show, revolved around the extreme thinness of the dancers, instead of applauding the fabulous performance of the work. Such a pity …