Promote the brand Lucibel

Lucibel is a Paris-based company that manufactures and distributes electrical equipment with a high efficiency LEDs.

Press office for Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is a company that designs eyeglasses where the value lies in the variety of styles and wide color palette offered in their collections.

Campaign to raise awareness for a public administration

The Public Administration of Sant Quirze del Valles raises an issue of civility in his town and needs a campaign to raise awareness.

New image for Findaway Group

FindaWay is a group of companies from different sectors which requires a unified and renewed image. One of his companies is FindaWay Global, a multidisciplinary company founded in order to help domestic enterprises to go international.

We improve the visibility of the sports center H20

H2O Sports Centre is located in a town near Barcelona that offers facilities of high quality unique for the citizens. We commissioned a website to reach citizens and neighbour towns to explain the services and the wide range of activities offered.

Communication actions for multimedia platforms simoG

simoG is an organization that creates multimedia platforms for entities and groups to raise awareness of small companies that form part.

Communication for a logistics congress

On November 17, Barcelona became the largest platform of knowledge, exposure and networking, logistics and traceability, where more than 400 professionals gathered at the National Congress of the Identification and Traceability Technologies organized by IDtrack . The Congress was a meeting point for professionals, designed to foster networking and provide opportunities for doing business.

Impossible positions

I am a regular reader of fashion magazines and I’m pretty familiar with the photographs that illustrate a couture dress, a purse or a jewel. Big fashion brands employ a battery of photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists to get results like these:

Impossible positions are so usual, that I hardly had realized how ridiculous it can become if we extrapolate to real life, until, Yolanda Dominguez, a multidisciplinary artist who reflects on the women’s world and the current women’ situation, gave a performance in the heart of Madrid where “real women” (actresses) imitated the poses of fashion magazines.

Fun and to think about the world in which we live. Not wasted.

Corporate communication plan for Visoren

Visoren is a private company that builds, promotes and manages subsidized housing for rent on land granted temporarily by the government.