If Einstein raised his head…

Before yesterday a news appeared in the media that questioned the theory of relativity of Einstein. Although I put all my effort and concentration on reading it, my basic knowledge in physics only allowed me to understand the general concept: a team of scientists conducted several tests to check with astonishment that the neutrinos travel a 0.0025% faster than light and this (which in my view seems a trifle) threw down the pillars of modern physics.

What surprises me most about all this is the humility of scientists who, far from offering a press conference to show off the enormous significance of their discovery, raised something like this:

“Gentlemen, we have discovered something that dynamites Einstein’s theory and the whole physics of the last century. We are alarmed and upset but did not find any fault in all the tests we have done over and over again. We ask the scientific community to help us to see where’s the catch.”

I wondered, then, to move the scientific spirit to another area and I imagined a politician in the Congress (for example) asking for help to solve the enormous absurdity of the current financial system, economists from other political parties or large reputed financial private entities.

There is no doubt about the huge and rapid advances in biomedicine, engineering and telecommunications and I wonder if the secret is not in the vast network that scientists have managed to create and the pasionate and patient spirit to dedicate their lifetime to question continuously their dogmas.

It is obviously an unattainable dream but how would the world be if there were no political and economic interests and the best minds worked together to improve the world?

Then… I remembered Juno

Yesterday I was lucky to attend, as responsible of the communication of IDtrack, a Focus Group. We were about 3 hours in a meeting with managers of logistics and supply chain of the food industry large corporations debating about traceability guarantees offered to consumer brands.

Sitting next to me, there was the representative of Sunny Delight. We were talking while waiting for the start of the session. When I was introduced to him and shocked hands, y then remembered the film JUNO. Perhaps because it was a relaxed conversation I mentioned that I was not a consumer of their product but, every time I saw “the juice” on the shelf, I remembered the melody and the scene of the beginning of the Oscar-winning film in 2007 .
If I had to give an example of product placement, that would be a good model for the way the product was “embedded” in the script and the impact the movie had worldwide”. I invite you to see the opening scene with the original sound.

What was my surprise when my partner told me that Sunny Delight did not sponsor the film. The writers chose it freely and the brand did not pay to appear. Juno recovered its initial budget of $ 6.5 million in three weeks and became the film that has grossed more money in the history of the distributor Fox Searchlight Pictures.
And just a fragment of the script:
– “How have you produced enough pee for three pregnancy tests? It’s amazing!”
– “I drank like three tons of sunny delight (…) I’m telling you I’m pregnant and you, shocking, as if nothing happens”.