Barefoot running

They say that when the US catches a cold the rest of the world sneezes … and although this statement refers to economic and financial developments, this time I use it for a sporty trend.

Yesterday I read in La Vanguardia the following news: “In New York becomes fashionable barefoot running”. Some athletes and médicosdefienden Home footwear facilitates impact with the forefoot, which lowers the effect of the coup and those who practice it, they say they feel better and suffer fewer injuries.

I do not know if in other Spanish cities this sport live with such intensity as in Barcelona. In fact, dosymedia offices are located at Av. Diagonal where every time I see more fans to the sport at any time of day. Here goes: equipped with the latest generation running shoes between cars, taxis, buses and traffic lights. Hot or cold … nothing seems to stop them.

Maybe it’s because I have several friends who are true innkeepers (one, Jordi Caba, is almost professional) and soil noticing the shelves of sporting goods stores and product offering for this type offered by brands. For decades, R & D departments of large firms have researched sports inner tubes, tread cushioning, pronation patterns … and in the end will be that what was once a practice of self-punishment (see processions of southern Spain), now may be the latest in sports technology.

Meanwhile, the market is beginning to offer alternatives that are close to nudity foot.

How long before we see athletes to Barcelona with his feet on the asphalt?