Empty head… not hollow

Like almost everyone, dosymedia goes on vacation …

I remember with nostalgia when I was young I spent many summers in a nice house in a village novecentista near the sea. My sister and I shared games, bike rides and the occasional yawn of boredom (I must say).

What I miss most of my childhood summers is the empty feeling in my head, leaving behind everything that was part of my life in the city and outside the news-bad news that swept the world. I’ve never gone back to achieve it again…

During the fortnight that dosymedia offices will be closed, I’ll take with me projects and ideas for September, but also Scandinavian attacks, tax debt, famine, Somali, financial deficits and health cuts. And, as every summer, I will attempt autumn with some uncertainty and hesitation wondering what the hell is waiting for us next year. Of course, I then remember a famous line from an investment manager who said:

“The only thing we can be sure of is uncertainty.” I thought a lot about that phrase last summer and then … I decided to contract myself.

Happy summer to everyone!