Have I a guru friend?

Some years ago, I was fortunate to be part of a project that began a friend.

An engineer twenties, call it X, nature lover and tireless athlete able to self-impose impossible challenges he began to question his business address to direct your attention to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)*.

(*) Dr. Richard Bandler was the precursor of this science capable of providing a set of concepts, methods and techniques to change that limits development and to enrich their personal and professional lives of people.

At that time I had never heard of anything like that, the fact is that my friend X asked me to be his “guinea pig” and started scheduling coaching sessions where, without realizing it, he gave me tools later learned to apply and me they served to address intellectual, professional and personal challenges redirected my life.

Since then (it’s been almost seven years) and my friend has become a leader in NLP techniques that teaches and lectures worldwide. The Bandler himself appointed him Master Trainer in recognition of his dedication and knowledge becoming thus the first Spanish man to possess.

Again, my dear friend, made me a gift and handed me the manuscript of his first book to read it and give you their opinion before it is translated into English for publication in different countries.

It is simply fantastic and I hope that thousands of people buy to get the resources to go as far as they wish and ultimately be happier. … I already am.

The manuscript I had in my hands.