A coffee at Starbucks

Just next to my office there is a Starbucks. Occasionally, I love to take the computer and sit in a comfortable chair to prepare a meeting while sipping hot tea and a cinnamon muffin. I’ve always found the concept of Starbucks coffee shops innovating . They’ve managed to make you feel at home anywhere in the world, encourage you to work or study at them, prepare your coffee to your taste, and is one of the few places where you do not feel uncomfortable if you’re alone/a.

I do not know whether it is a generational business or not. That is, whenever I see young people and, in fact, my mother hates them. – Why shout your name to serve coffee? Why do they serve in paper cups? – She asks with dislike when we have ever talked in any of its places.

Perhaps my generation, thirty-something, appreciate to be left in peace, be offered wifi and let us sit in an overstuffed chair while sounding notes of jazz. Or maybe we are just caught by marketing strategies …