Just 1of 4

In marketing there is the theory that only 1 of every 4 products launched, survives.

To prove this, we can do a test: Each year the prizes “Product of the Year” are awarded, in which marks are awarded for creating new products and investing in innovation. Year after year, many products of different families are awarded and the brands display the award as small R & D trophies but … after advertising campaigns, claims on the shelves of supermarkets and marketing activities, how many of them survive?

I propose a game: Visit this site and see the products that have been “Product of the Year” for 2000 and 2002.
Consumers are fickle and we’re dying to try new things and this is how brands commit and invent new concepts or new flavors.

dosymedia project

It seems like yesterday when we decided to undertake the project dosymedia. However, the time has come (and how could it be otherwise, it is half past two) to make you a brief introduction of why this initiative, why now and why here.

We want to approach you, communicate and let us know. At the end of the day, that’s exactly what we do. We want to reach people in a direct, transparent and honest way, openly but with respect, no verbiage but good words.

We enjoy a good morning newspaper, a good opinion piece and an interesting TV show, we have simply expanded our means to communicate. We only hope that, in this way, you can participate a little in our project and share ideas, news, reflections, and why not discuss it.

See you, then, at half past two.